What's Wrong with Bitcoin and Other Cryptos?

It has been ten years since the first bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, and there have been many predictions that Bitcoin or other cryptos (altcoins) will take over the world. But so far, nothing like that has happened. There is no mass adopiton. If you haven't done so, watch the following short vidoe to find out what's wrong with the current crypto networks.

The Caddo Foundation strives to promote the development and implementation of the next generation crypto network, which should have a balanced supply and demand, reduced price volatility, and can be easily used by ordinary people (not just geeks). Following the white paper by Garth Sun, we are lauching a new project to create an advanced crypto network for a researved backed crypto token, called 'Wampum'.

Wampum beads, which are made of white and purple seashells, were first used as a currency by tribes of native Americans in the Northeastern U.S., and later adopted by the Europeans who traded with them in the 17th century. Wampum when strung together, is also used as decorations, jewelry, and a symbol of authenticity. We love the Wampum story and what it symbolized, so we name our project to create a new type of crypto netwok the 'Digital Wampum' project, and the token itself is called Wampum (WAM).

How to Join

If you like the idea and want to contribute, here is how to participate.

  • Join the Conversation. Go to the forum
  • The forum is a great platform to interact with the team and other folks. For information and questions, click here to join.
  • Make a Donation - Why Not ICO?
  • In some countries, there are restrictions and complex regulations on ICOs, so it becomes too complicated or impossible to launch an ICO without excluding big portions of the world population. Donations will serve essentially the same purpose, without the compliance concerns. That is because donors are not investors as no return is promised. See the Donation page for details.