Funding from Donations

Traditionally cyrpto projects have been funded through ICO's. However, in the current environemnts, we believe donation is the best way to fund the Digital Wampum project. The reason is that ICO's are either prohibited or restricted in some of the major countries such as China and the U.S. But how does it work? The following list hightlights the major steps in the process.

  • Registration - Donor registers on this page and gets donation instructions.
  • Confirmation - Donor receives a confirmation email after donation is made.
  • Token Credit - After go-live of the network, doner will receive instruction on how to get Wampum tokens credited to their account.
  • The amount of the Wampum coins to be converted from a donor's donation is calculated with the Bancor's formula (the reserve ration is set at 0.5). Therefore, for the same amount of donation received, earlier donors will get more tokens than later ones.

    A donation is not an investment, and it needs to be treated accordlingly. Keep in mind that there is no guanrantee from Caddo Foundation that the project will succeed. If for any reason the project fails, chances are donors will not get their donations back. The main reason for donation should be that you believe in the vision of the whitepaper by Neil Watanabe and would like to contribute to the development and implementation of the next generation crypto tokens. So make sure that you only donate the amount that you can afford to lose.

    For a limited time, you will get a 20% bonus in Wampum coins if you donate today. This promotion could be changed or removed at anytime.

    Donor Registration Form (Bitcoin or Ethereum only)

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    Note: Please enter a valid email address to receive confirmations for registration and donations.